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Commissioning engineering tailored to your needs

Going the extra mile to help you out with expertise that is much needed, but relatively scarce. We believe commissioning engineering is incredibly inspiring. That’s why we call ourselves Inspire Services.

Technical expertise alone is not enough

The profession of commissioning engineering is decidedly technical. To be successful in this role, analytical and mathematical skills are required, as well as ample IT-knowledge. But technical know-how alone is not enough.

Time monitoring, cost efficiency and performance under pressure are also important. We combine these project management skills with yearlong commissioning expertise. Moreover, as we work closely with installation and project engineers at client side, we will gain a full understanding of their wants and needs. The result: optimally built and commissioned control systems at minimal cost.

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How we deploy the power of networks for commissioning engineering

After learning from the best for almost 12 years, I made the move to become self-employed, fulfilling a long fostered wish. My name is Omar Al Jaboury. Holding a university degree in Electrical Engineering, I have succeeded in turning a life-long hobby into a paid job. I started out working in the production of high voltage energy, then moved on to specialize in commissioning engineering.

I am aware that this expertise is relatively scarce. That is why I set out to make my services available to companies worldwide. Over the years, I built a strong network of expert engineers. Together, we boast high flexibility: we are available quickly, work worldwide and take on both smaller and larger project.

Would you like to learn more about commissioning engineering? Feel free to contact us at any time. We look forward to hearing from you!

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Close cooperation with our client results in optimal solutions at minimal cost.
Technical know-how + project management skills = continuous high quality output.
Highly flexible in terms of regions, availability and project size.