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CHP Control

Inspire Services offers CHP control to allow for a smooth operation of combined heat and power systems. The results of our services include:

  • Reduction of operating costs
  • Increasing electrical reliability
  • Reduction of greenhouse gases

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What to do with waste heat?

When electricity is generated, heat is an inevitable by-product. Left unused, it will do nothing but heat the planet. Fortunately, combined heat and power systems, or cogeneration units, can be set up to make use of this waste heat.

For one, when waste heat is used for central heating, less energy needs to be procured externally. This leads to a reduction in costs, but also a decline in emissions, as power production is put to full use and additional energy no longer needs to be produced.

Alternatively, when combined heat and power systems are used to generate power, you will become less dependent on electrical imports, thus optimally securing your energy supply.

In short, cogeneration units have enormous potential, provided CHP control is carried out meticulously, both when commissioning and maintaining the systems. After all, failure to do so will lead to suboptimal performance and increased costs. Moreover, it will be harder to recover investment costs within a reasonable time frame.

Aligned packaged CHP systems to achieve optimal results

A balanced utilization of the CHP controls, on the other hand, will lead to maximum efficiency at minimal costs. This is what we offer. Due to our yearlong experience in commissioning engineering, we provide precisely aligned software and hardware packages. With these CHP units, boilers and heat storages can be controlled in a comfortable, quick and precise way.

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Some important aspects of the Chp systems that we provide in, is that:

The systems are easily to use and thus not complicated;
The systems are flexible;

We have a large network of (test) commissioning engineers at our disposal

Our work results in higher profitability and safer work conditions