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How our commissioning engineers increase productivity and safety

When you work with control panels, you will eventually require the help of a (test) commissioning engineer.

Inspire Services:

  • Commissions hard- and software
  • Strives for optimal efficiency
  • Commissions control systems that function under high temperature and variable conditions
  • Is quickly available for small and large projects, worldwide

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Commissioning engineers to avoid problems

A production facility that experiences down time, faces huge costs. Hotels that cannot offer continuous heating might suffer reputational damage, and hospitals whose electricity supply hampers, might encounter dangerous situations. The results of poorly functioning equipment can be devastating.

Commissioning engineers strive to avoid these problems, enabling continuity and staff safety.

How we ensure optimal functioning and the production of expected results

Inspire Services is engaged in testing equipment, facilities and plants for hotels, hospitals, data centers, factories and power plants.

Our work includes:

  • Commissioning hard- and software
  • Troubleshooting
  • Providing technical support
  • Writing reports and documentation
  • Liaising with installation and project engineers
  • Creating and carrying out test procedures
  • Diagnosing problems and repairing faults
  • Making improvements to, and offering advice about, operational procedures
  • Training of staff

Easy to use, flexible and safe

As commissioning engineers, we ensure that your systems are easy to use and updates can be installed at minimal costs. Naturally, we ensure safety by following Quality Management System Standard ISO 9001:2008.

We stand out from others in our ability to truly identify your core demands and meeting them meticulously, while aiming for optimal efficiency. For example, we carry out entire projects, but you can also opt for panel manufacturing based on the engineering of your own company. 

Ample experience, rapidly deployable

We are familiar with the performance and key issues of control systems. Part of our knowledge stems from 10 years of employment at Terberg Control Systems. We learned from the best, as this accomplished organization has worked with Caterpillar dealers around the world since 1990. 

Nowadays, Inspire Services has an extensive network of highly skilled and equally inspired (test) commissioning engineers. In joining forces, we are able to offer tailored solutions, in a timely manner, while maintaining high quality standards. In addition, we are eager to continue our learning curve, and happily invest in the expansion of skills to meet specific knowledge or competence requirements.

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Some important aspects of installation and commission of system or product that we provide in, is that:

We go to great lengths to identify your needs and deliver accordingly. The systems are easily to use and thus not complicated;
The systems are easily to use and thus not complicated;
The systems are flexible;
Our work results in higher profitability and safer work conditions.