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Engine control

We offer engine control services for hospitals, hotels, data centers, factories, and power plants. Our services include:

  • Gas and diesel generators
  • Generator control of many established brands
  • Tailor-made software to meet your demands

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The brain of every generator

A control system can be compared to a brain, regulating all the engine’s processes. Acting on signals received from engine sensors, it manages actuators, fuel, emissions and variable valve control, to name but a few examples.

One can only imagine what well-performed engine control means for any organization or production plant: efficiency and output, as well as safety, will increase. Conversely, if generator control is neglected, you will risk downtimes, lower production, and potentially unsafe working environments.

Engine control to increase efficiency and function

This is where Inspire Services comes into view. We develop software that will be uploaded into and communicate with the hardware device. Together, they will operate the generator.

The software will be written to meet your exact wishes. For instance, variable temperatures, harsh conditions, and generator settings may affect fuel use, life span and overall performance of the engine. Looking into these matters will lead to increased efficiency and improved achievements.  Furthermore, our engine control services will lead to smooth and safe operations.

We offer generator control for the following systems:

  • MTU
  • MWM
  • Mitsubishi
  • Caterpillar

Why opt for renowned operating systems?

We firmly believe that it pays off to work with well-known suppliers. Most engineers are familiar with their systems, and know how to install, operate and adjust them. Moreover, spare parts are usually easy to come by and can be sent to you quickly.

Would you like to learn more about our engine control services? Feel free to contact us at any time!

Some important aspects of the engine control systems that we provide in, is that:

We go to great lengths to identify your needs and deliver accordingly. The systems are easily to use and thus not complicated

We have a large network of (test) commissioning engineers at our disposal

Our work results in higher profitability and safer work conditions