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How we commission your MCC and switchgear panels

We supply and commission MCC and switchgear panels for clients in a wide array of industries, including power plants, factories, and data centers. All panels:

  • Are custom-made to meet your requirements
  • Function well under high temperatures and variable conditions
  • Are tailor-made, based on your 3D electrical drawing, or designed by us
  • Are tested extensively before commissioning

Customer service is our highest priority. That’s why we meet strict quality standards and work solely with certified Quality Management System Standard ISO 9001:2008 products.

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Vital equipment requires proper control

Both MCC and switchgear panels are of vital importance when factories run on electrical equipment. You want to avoid improper wiring and loose, or faulty connections. Furthermore, you don’t want to be confronted with burning fuses, insulation breakdown, or defected ground fault protection. And if something does happen, you want your equipment to take swift action, preventing further damage.

Hence the value of switchgear and MCC panel control: it enables staff to work safely, allows maximum uptime, and ensures long machine life-span.

Tailor-made MCC and switchgear panels to meet your wishes

Inspire Services has the know-how to achieve these goals. Yearlong experience allows us to quickly understand your needs and act accordingly, delivering high-quality systems that are reliable, flexible, and easy to use.

We work with a 3D electrical drawing that is either provided by you or designed by us. You can include any required accessory. Based on this sketch, we build the MCC or switchgear panel. Furthermore, we offer complete engineering service: we install the panel, do the programming, and we connect it to the operating system. We also extensively test the panel to ensure proper functioning and optimal safety.  Only when we are confident that the switchgear or MCC panel is completely reliable and fully operational, do we finalize the project.

In addition, we also perform checks on, make adjustments to, or provide updates to existing panels.

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We go to great lengths to identify your needs and deliver accordingly. The systems are easily to use and thus not complicated

We have a large network of (test) commissioning engineers at our disposal

Our work results in higher profitability and safer work conditions